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Action in the Community To Support North Wales and Cheshire (ACTS) is a registered charity (charity number 1168611)

Acts of Kindness

We want to be able to show kindness in practical ways – everything from the really quick and simple to the big and bold. Try a Random Act of Kindness and you might just help improve someone’s day. Or maybe you feel able to support one of our applicants by giving to help them in their time of need.

Strengthening Communities

We believe that people living in a community are the people best place to improve that community. We want to empower you to cultivate an environment that shows the values of caring, compassion, kindness and volunteering with some simple practical steps.

Community Events

We want to resource and enable you to put on events to help and support people you know. We want to encourage people to think about offering not just money, but other things like time, skills, ideas or just by being there.

Vision and Values

Have a look at the beliefs that underpin what we are trying to do.

Get Involved

Want to know what you can do to be a little kinder? Maybe you could try something really simple like leave one of our ‘kindness postcards’ for someone else. Or maybe you want to know what we can do to help you with your own ideas.


If you want to apply to the charity for help, or want to give to someone in need, then this has all the details you need.

Kindness Builds Community

Acts of Kindness

We want to encourage people to put kindness into action. This could be expressed by giving to one of our applicants, or by organising something to help someone you know, or maybe by just trying something small. We would also love to know any ideas you may have that we can help make happen.

Strengthening Communities

How can you make someone’s day a bit better? We want to encourage you to put this simple thought into practice.

Community Events

Kindness events are our way of getting people together to support people.

Quick Links


If you want to donate to us, check out our Donation Page.

If you don’t mind what your donation is to put towards, select the button below. We are part of an initiative set up as a Community Interest Company called Springboard Chester. Select the button to donate to ACTS using the Springboard website. You can donate a one-off amount (with your credit / debit card, Paypal account or by Direct Debit bank transfer) or set up a monthly Direct Debit.

Apply To Us

Know of someone who you think could benefit from the charity’s support? Or maybe you could benefit yourself.

Here are all the details about applying to us, including all the information you need to apply. You can also fill in an application online and submit it to us.

Gift Aid

As a charity, we are registered with the Gift Aid scheme. This means that we can claim an extra 25p for every pound given using the scheme.

If you are a UK taxpayer, you can fill in a declaration that will allow us to claim Gift Aid on donations you make to the charity. There are forms for gift-aiding a single donation, all your donations and sponsored events.

One of the motivations for us starting ACTS as a charity is told in Peter’s story below. Here are some pictures from the community event in October 2016:

Peter’s Story

Peter was a fit and healthy husband, father and sportsman. Working in the charity sector for many years, he decided to make some changes and was looking forward to the future. In October 2015 he was shockingly interrupted from changing course as a catastrophic stroke took life, as he knew it, away.

A clot in the left side of the brain left Peter with severe speech, language, communication and processing problems, along with right-sided weakness. It wasn’t known if he would walk again or how much communication could be regained.

The NHS and some wonderful professionals worked hard to get Peter standing and starting to walk. From almost nothing, he learnt the names of his family and worked hard at naming and basic words for living, but was discharged after 18 months.

Peter’s determination to recover has been inspirational and ACTS offered to support further therapy and went on to mobilise others. Crowd-funding has raised significant amounts to see improvements across all areas of life and some independence is returning. A year ago it would have been impossible to hope for a life returning as it is.

A celebration event in October 2016 raised almost £2,000. Several fundraising sporting events has raised a further £6,000! A big thankyou to Linda and Mark for their painful Iron Man achievements and to many others too!

We continue to support Peter on his incredible journey where friends and strangers have offered to help. The highlight has been walking his daughter down the aisle at her wedding!

Peter and his wife Deri are so very grateful for all the support they have received.